I stated in the first COVID-19 Update that we would continue to listen and gather information. In light of more information and instruction put forth by our state, we will NOT be gathering for worship on Sunday, March 15th. As your pastor, I want to make decisions that are wise for our entire congregation and after speaking with elders, receiving input from healthcare specialist, this is our decision. The situation is fluid and we will re-evaluate next week and keep you updated. Here are a few bullet points that led to this decision from the new information:

– Gov. DeWine issues ban on gatherings of 100+ more people. This did not include churches but we as the church should be mindful and orderly.
– According to Dr. Acton, Director of Ohio Dept. of Health, 1% of Ohioans currently have coronavirus.
– We have a large number congregants who are in the high risk category for COVID-19.

Some may wonder if it would be a lack of faith to not gather on Sunday because of the virus and God reminded me that He instructed His people to isolate themselves when sick or potential carriers of disease. This is what we are doing, acting wisely to not spread the infection further.

As Christians, we know that we, the people, are the church. Pray for medical breakthrough and for healing for the sick. In the last week I have heard two answers to prayers regarding physical healing. These were very significant medical issues and serve as a reminder that God is working.

We will be posting a sermon video on Sunday morning that I am going to record tomorrow. Jesus the Servant. What does look like to be a servant in our current situation?

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