Our Mission

We believe the Church is a divinely ordained and established institution, and as such, its ultimate purpose for existence is to give glory to God.  We further believe the Church fulfills this purpose by obedience to God and compliance to the Great Commission, as found in Matthew 28:19-20 and Mark 16:15.  We understand this to say that the Church is to: 1) Evangelize (be a witness) and 2) nurture or disciple the Church.  In short, we see this two-pronged purpose as being to the world and to the Church.  We also understand the scope of the commission as local to worldwide (Acts 1:8). We believe we are to be God’s agent to the world for the salvation and discipling of humanity.  We understand that our purpose for existence as a congregation of believers can be summarized in four words beginning with the letter E.  These four words also outline the four facets of our ministry.  We exist to:

  • Exalt God (worship)
  • Encourage Christians Toward Maturity (discipleship)
  • Equip Christians for Ministry (equipping/training)
  • Evangelize the World (outreach)
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