Faith Promise Missions

What is Faith Promise?

Throughout the year, money is collected through Faith Promise pledges to support various missional activities.  A Faith Promise pledge is an amount one agrees to pay (in addition to regular tithe) if God provides the money in an unexpected manner.  This money then supports (most of) the various missional activities below.

In addition to giving to Faith Promise, there are numerous opportunities to serve.

How can I get involved in Faith Promise?

Work Camps:

  • The Missions Council sponsors 1-2 work camps each year.  Dates are posted in the church bulletin.
  • Not able to attend a work camp?  Consider sponsoring another so that they can attend.

Donations Needed:

  • Donating to Appalachian Ministries in KY (Pinecrest) – We collect new toys, and school supplies several times throughout the year.  These are then taken to Appalachian Ministries in KY where they are distributed to the surrounding communities.
  • Brownie Mixes are collected each Fall season.  These are donated to C.A.M.P. to help over 100 special families at Christmas time with a food box.
  • Various items are collected throughout the year as a need arises.

Prayer for Missionaries

Living Link Missionaries:

  • Timothy & Angelita Downing (Quito,Ecuador)
  • Martin & Helen Fessler (Mexico, India)
  • Joel & Amy Hardman (Rome, Italy)
  • Stanley & Sylvia Hollow Horn (Wounded Knee, S.D.)
  • Dan & Christy Kihm (Bulgaria)
  • Patrick & Jamie Nachtigall (European Regional Directors)
  • Kelley & Rhonda Philips (Berlin, Germany)
  • Charlotte McPhearson (Middle East)
  • Tim & Kim Wardell (Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, S.D.)
  • Alejandro & Carmen DeFrancisco (Madrid, Spain)

Local Missionaries:

  • Caleb & Michelle Chamberlain (Wright State University)
  • Garland & Sue Lacey (Appalachia Ministries in Kentucky)

See missions council for further information.

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